Leaders in microinvasive treatments

Post-procedure comfort
– Hypogastric Nerve Block: Numbing medication is injected around the nerves behind the uterus so that you are as close to pain-free as possible.

Most procedures performed
The Microsurgery has served almost 2000 women. We have the most experience in this procedure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Latest techniques
– The procedure is performed through a tiny pinhole in the wrist instead of the main artery in the leg. This is safer and much more comfortable for patients with fewer complications and easier mobility following the procedure.
– Microcatheters prevent spasms of the artery and ensure we never fail to access the arteries supplying the fibroids.

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Why choose the Microsurgery?

Highly knowledgeable and efficient administrative staff

Leading community awareness about fibroids’ impact on women with a free educational programme supporting the Women in White

Part of a network of excellent Gynaecology and Fertility Specialists

It takes one week to get your life back. Imagine life without fibroids!

All Medical Aid communications & authorisations arranged on your behalf
– Medical aid rates charged.

Funded by Medical Aid.

No stitches.

No scarring.

Rapid return to normal activity.

16 years of industry experience.

More than 300,000 patients treated worldwide.


Step 1

A thin tube (catheter) is placed in the radial artery of the wrist which is advanced into the blood vessels that supply the uterus.

Step 2

Tiny particles are then infused into the blood vessels supplying the fibroids. 

Step 3

The fibroids, now starved of their nutrient supply shrink. Periods improve immediately. The procedure is tailored to the individual patient.

Being a patient is generally an anxiety provoking experience however I must commend the staff at the Microsurgery clinic. Dr. Sudawarts & Yolo are worth a special mention. One of their biggest traits is making one feel safe in being vulnerable & creating the space to feel heard. The surgery in itself has changed my life, literally! 

Olwethu Mncono

5/5 Stars

Procedure was 4th December and I was nervous however thanks to the team was awesome I felt so much better after meeting them. It went so well I didn’t feel anything, I had a slight pain afterwards throughout the day which was managed in the hospital and took pain tablets at home for three days in case the pain was still there. So far I’m glad I did the procedure cause symptoms which were bothering were completely gone after and swelling of my stomach started to significantly reduce. Thanks Dr Sudwarts and team.

Tshimbiluni Mushoma

5/5 Stars

Thankx to Dr Sudwarts, Kerin and the entire medical / clinical staff. My anxiety were firstly calmed by the serene, safe and secured environment. I was really doubtful to do the microsurgery procedure but got all the pre-support and detailed explanation of what will be done on me. My anxioussness became a past after I met the medical team. It is still very early post the procedure but I am still receiving phone calls to follow up how I am coping. Medical advises that I got from nurses and Yolo assisted me with swift recovery. I can’t wait to share my babies on this site IJN.

Andiswa Fala

5/5 Stars