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I know I did this at my own risk!). In all honesty though, the first about three days, I still used pain meds and had cramping in my uterus, like a heavy period but without the bleeding. I had no appetite and regularly wanted to lie down and rest. The rest did me well and by the 4th day I felt good. By day 5 I spent almost a full day at our offices, feeling good and with almost no pain whatsoever. So within a week I felt so great, we felt comfortable to go ahead with our trip after all. I took every precaution, from taking some aspirin, to getting good and comfortable seats on the plane, wearing compression socks, but also regularly taking walks and stretching. I had no discomfort on the plane whatsoever.While on our trip, about two weeks after the operation, we went running again for the first time, but then I started cramping again – I was not sure what this meant, so I took it easy again. I think it might have been what should have been my next period, but I had no bleeding, only the pain. It only came when I was very active though, even from walking briskly, so I took it easy for that week. Since then however, I have felt great. Just this past week, I think I had what was my first proper period again – very little bleeding, almost no pain. I have had no more pain or even cramps.All in all, I think this is a miracle procedure. I cannot fathom why not one but two highly skilled gynaecologists here in Pretoria would have recommended a hysterectomy – which would have meant no driving, bed rest and at least 4 weeks away from the office. For me, that would have just been an impossibility. Why on earth they do not recommend UFE to their patients I cannot understand. This entire process, from the staff to the actual procedure, was such a “good” medical experience – I would highly recommend it to anyone with similar medical symptoms. And so many women do! I have made every effort to spread the word here in Gauteng among my friends. You and your staff have been absolutely incredible – thanks so much for the supportiveness and care. I include Dr Olarugun in this – he has such a gentle and professional manner. I have seen many gynaecologists in my life, and I truly believe he has been the best one by far.I wish you all the best with your practice Gary – you and your team change people’s lives!! I am truly grateful to have found you.


Good evening Dr. Sudwarts.

Although faced with my own challenges a card which mother nature sometimes deals us you have been extremely kind and understanding. It is not too often that a Doctor who has never met a patient takes the time, care an sympathy to live up to the oath you have taken as a Doctor. For a total stranger to send you a text message at midnight: a cry for help and you not only respond first thing in the morning but you made the time and effort to expedite all channels and avenues to provide a positive outcome or solution.

I appreciate the honesty – the procedure has worked for other women wanting to fall pregnant but you advised that I go for other opinions since a lot is at stake. Not too many people would be that honest and upfront. Even though things seem bleek on my side at the moment, you were able to be not only objective and honest but sympathetic as well. Like one Doctor said: he is one extremely nice great guy who does not given the credit that he is worth. I concure, you truly are a humble and kind hearted doctor – a trait that is now in short supply. Be blessed always.


My symptoms are much better. Bleeding down to 3-5 days. The pressure is completely gone, sometimes there is pain here and there but minor. My weight has gone down by 7kgs, I did nothing new. Just did the same diet I did before and this time it worked.
My libido has gone up and my marriage is back on honeymoon stage.
And yes, we are still trying to have a baby and hoping for a miracle someday. – ZS

Other women need to know about this. We are made to believe that hysterectomy is the only thing that can help with fibroids, and that UFE fails most times which is not true at all -ZS

I have hope finally because of this procedure. I have energy to finally keep my own home clean. It will be selfish not to want to share this. God, bless you and your staff and keep doing the wonderful job you guys do. You have an amazing team.


Just wanted to let you know that thus far am experiencing a new lease on life, even went horse-riding and dancing during my period. I am super chuffed about the extra energy and ability to get on with life AR”


I just thought you might like to know that I’m doing very well since my UFE just over a month ago. I’m yet to get any tests done, but judging from how strong I feel, I’m quite sure I’m no longer anaemic (for the first time in years). I’m going to the gym regularly and planning to start doing short hikes this week! As you will recall, I was in trouble and out of options when I discovered you. I’m so grateful for what you’ve done for me. It’s no exaggeration when I say you’ve given me my life back. I know I still have to watch what happens over the coming months, but based on how I’m feeling and how things have progressed until now, I foresee no problems. Congratulations on a job well done! I would gladly recommend you to anyone struggling with fibroids.


This has been a life changing experience for me. Not only have my fibroid shrunk (hence I can wear some of my older outfits), I could breathe well, no more back pains. Although I have not menstruated since the operation and till now (just few weeks though after UFE), I am looking forward to this, as I know it would be a lighter flow & less embarrassment of going to the loo to change my pad every two hours. I thank you Dr Gary for the help rendered and I look forward to the fibroid shrinking even further.


I have battled with fibroids for as long as I can remember. Month after month I would flood. I was continuously blood tested and seemed to remain anaemic permanently. I lived on iron supplements to try and maintain some semblance of energy.

Every time I asked my gynae what the solution was, she would advocate a hysterectomy saying that not much else was available in South Africa. I was completely resistant to losing body parts so would continue as was.In early June this year I suffered incredible embarrassment at a parental meeting at the school where I worked. I stood up after the meeting in front of about 200 parents and preceded to have 4 enormous blood clots escape my body and clothing and land on the floor. I was mortified. I knew the time had come that I needed to make a change. I called my gynae immediately only to be told that her next available appointment was in 3 months’ time – no matter whether it was an emergency or not! I went into my medical aid website to get an immediate list of recommended doctors. I called about 4 of them and was presented with a similar scenario. One was able to see me in 3 weeks which was 3 days before I was meant to leave South Africa for my daughter’s wedding in Spain. A work colleague recommended I try her lady who could slot me in the following week so that is who I made my appointment with. Within half an hour, they called me back to say they had a cancellation and would I like it. I went to the gynae right there and then and under investigation it was found that my fibroids were really growing and at this point was the size of a grapefruit. My uterus was the size of a 6 month pregnancy. I sat down at her table exasperated and realizing that the “only South African option” was hysterectomy. I had been “googling” about fibroids and internationally there was a procedure called a Uterine Fibroid Embolization. I asked the gynae about it and she said that it was not very common in South Africa and that their radiologist was on leave. There seemed to be no immediate solution. I went back to work disillusioned and believing I would be attending my daughter’s wedding in Spain in the peak of European summer in a Menstrual Mess. That weekend, being housebound again due to crazy bleeding, I spent much time at my computer trying to find solutions in Cape Town. I even went back on my medical aids website looking for local radiologist who weren’t on leave. It was around this time that I noticed on the website the UCT had a “private” hospital linked to Groote Schuur and as my daughter is a Medical student and hadn’t mentioned this to me, I googled it…….AND MY LIFE CHANGED.There in broad daylight on the UCT private hospital website was the exact procedure I had been looking for. “Uterine Fibroid Embolization”. Monday morning first thing when I called, I found myself speaking to the radiologist Gary Sudwarts himself within 5 minutes of making the call. After a brief telephonic consultation, I emailed all my information to him. Professionally, he required me to see a colleague of his for confirmation of my telephonic information. Gary had a Wednesday morning cancellation (it was Monday). Within half an hour of speaking to Gary, he had arranged my medical aid confirmation that I was able to do this procedure. Gary set up an immediate appointment with his colleague and the hospital called me to do the admission telephonically so that time spent in queues was minimal.The Wednesday procedure was completely easy to handle. I had conscious sedation and the staff were fantastic. I had no pain at all… NOTHING! I was released from hospital and basically could resume work almost immediately. My heavy periods stopped instantaneously and at my daughter’s wedding in Spain I had a “gentle” ladylike period….. I hardly noticed it.6 MONTHS LATER

  1. My periods are regular
  2. On the sonar, my fibroids have dramatically shrunk
  3. My quality of life has improved
  4. My iron has improved
  5. My distended belly has normalized
  6. I have not had one (not one) heavy period
  7. Emotional balance has been restored



It’s now been about a month since I had UAE and I’m writing to tell you I’m feeling great. I got to Elephants Eye today in 28:42 – my goal was less than 30 min and it’s a milestone in my recovery.

After months and months of bleeding, pain and anaemia, I’m feeling like a new person. I have wanted to do Kilimanjaro and am planning that for next year. So, a big thank you – I think the work you’re doing is important and I’m fortunate to have benefitted.


Given the absolutely wretched time I had with my fibroids and the agony and disruption I endured, my only complaint about the procedure is why it took me so long to have it and why none of the three gynaecologists I consulted offered it as an alternative.

I would have gone for a non-surgical option in a flash.I am very grateful that I stumbled upon your website and that you were able to fit me in and I really do believe that a lot more should be done to bring this procedure more into the mainstream.I am looking forward to some further improvement over the next year in that it would be nice if my enlarged womb shrinks a bit more in time. Other than that I am ecstatic. I feel very grateful not having had to go through a hysterectomy as it wasn’t the right procedure for me. If it was I would have had one years ago. I am so happy not to have this constant pain in my abdominal area and I am so happy to discover that as far as my sex life goes there isn’t actually anything wrong with me.I would heartily recommend this procedure to any woman in my shoes.Keep doing what you are doing.


I should let you know that I have had two menstrual cycles both not as heavy as before, so no worries about being tipped over into menopause as yet. So thank you for that. It took me at least three weeks to get over the pain and cramping fully. The first week was heavier than the weeks that followed. But I am totally over that now. I have actually lost a bit of weight, my tummy shows no signs of the fibroids and I feel really great. My iron levels are definitely up and I don’t have to test it to know, but I will be seeing my physician in August and I am sure the results will surprise him. I will keep you posted on the results!

I have been singing your praises as I know that they are many young women out there going through what I did and didn’t see or know of any other alternative . Most gynaecologists or doctors see nothing but hysterectomies when one talks fibroids and I am so glad that I tracked you online. Thank you so much.


It has just been a little a over a year since the uterine embolization procedure which I had last year on the 3rd of June. I have been very well since then. My flow has significantly reduced and become normal again.

I no longer use 3 packs of pads in one menstrual cycle, which is great. Pain has also become a thing of the past. I went to see Dr Oloragun and he confirmed that the growths were becoming smaller although he could not say precisely by how much since I did not have an MRI done. Overall I am happy I went through with the procedure as I am healthy again.


Good afternoon Dr. Sudwarts.

It has been more than a week since I’ve had my UFE operation and I feel great. The first few days after the operation I experienced cramps that come and go, intermittent nausea, little energy, and I was slightly feverish.

But I’ve got Google at my disposal and these symptoms were to be expected … the medication that you prescribed also helped a lotJ. I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I did not get much time to speak to you at the hospital, but I want you to know what a liberating feeling it is to not have to experience the aches of feeling like an old lady. Today I had my post op appointment with Dr. Jeffery and according to him as well as you, everything went well. Best wishes to you and your team.


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